SAP Licensing and Developer Access Confusion

SAP Developer Licenses are one of the costly ones and have to be taken seriously. But this is the easy one to control also. Since the person can only become a developer if he is registered. All the systems you are using need to be measured. For test and development system, only the developer user will be calculated. SAP License saver will show companies what they can save in licensing cost.

Thus SAP Licensing and developer confusion can be resolved using this.


SAP Licensing Developer

  • In SAP Licensing for Classify developer users as SAP Application Developer User in User Classification, then running the system measurement. The number of SSCR key will be taken as reference.
  • Each person needs to be licensed once only. And all test users in Test or Development system will not be calculated as chargeable users. But, if this user is working in PRD as a professional user and in DEV as a developer, we will count both.
  • When the SSCR Developer/Object keys are transferred to the system, the keys are stored in the following tables:
    o DEVACCESS: Developer keys
    o ADIRACCESS: Object keys
  • But we do not have any report programs to delete the entries from these tables. If the customer wants to delete the entries, he has to write a local program to delete the table entries.
  • SAP does not recommend ever cleaning out these developer keys, as long as the user ID is Locked / Deleted, that is the main thing please Cancel all the Jobs defined by the Developer in DEV.
    So my recommendation to you is to first lock the user id of the user.
    In case the same user now wants to become a non-developer user then he can be created new ID so this id will not link same developer access.

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