Unused software may save your company 25% SAP License CostAuditBot- SAP Compliance and SAP Audit Tool for SAP Security

Unused software may save your company 25% SAP License Cost

Most of the SAP Customers meticulously plan their SAP Implementation and one of the main costs is their SAP license cost. But most of them are in dark when it comes purchasing number of licenses. They usually

  1. Over purchase, underutilize and waste money
  2. Under purchase and get huge bill after an audit
  3. Do not know what is the right quantity to purchase

License cost is the biggest expense in SAP implementation and ownership. There is way in SAP to assign the correct license type to each user. Then there is a standard report which can used as a SAP Audit Procedure to identify the right user license.  The problem is how to know which user needs which type of license.  When the company has multiple system and thousands of users the SAP Audit procedure for assigning the right user license type is going to be a tough job.

“Substantial cost cutting opportunities exist in monitoring usage of purchased applications. Depending upon the level of maturity, enterprises that implement software usage capabilities will achieve savings of 5% to 25% in the first year. “

“By managing software license portfolios as a continuous process, enterprises will be better equipped to respond to audits or the threat of audits.”


SAP Compliance License Management

SAP Compliance License Management


According to Gartner Senior Analyst, Patricia Adams,

AuditBot User License Saver Benefits:

  1. Gives the company real time access to actual license usage
  2. Identifies the the most optimal license type
  3. Easily changes user license type classification