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Security in SAP – Steps for Adding Custom Transaction into SU24

Security in SAP – Custom Transaction Configuration in SU24


The custom transactions are created in the SAP ECC System when the customer wants to have a custom program in the SAP Software. This could be a simple report which shows some data or complex configuration screen which mimics the SAP Standard transactions. Most of the customers have between 100 – 3000 custom transactions in the system.


All these transactions have to be added to the SAP role in the SAP ECC system.  When you add the transaction without proper ground work you will go through the pain of the transaction not working properly. This can lead to lot of time wasted on the testing.


Security in SAP: Tracing with ST01

All the transactions which are going to be added the roles should be traced with the help of the functional user. This is going to take some time. This situation is like pay me now or pay me latter. If you do not spend the time now you will spend time fixing the error. The ST01 Trace will show you exactly what are the objects needed to for the transaction.



Security in SAP

Security in SAP

Security in SAP Update SU24- SAP GRC Will use this Setting

Now you have identified the object and field values for each object for the custom object execute properly. The SU24 setting has to be updated with the exact object values. So when this transaction is added to SAP GRC Function or SAP Role you will get the right objects into the role.


Security in SAP Smoother Testing:

The error during the role testing will be drastically reduced as the role will have all the object required for executing the transaction. More over when the same transaction is being added to other roles this role will get the proper objects. If there are additional objects in the future. This object can be added to the SU24 and we can do an advanced merge from the Roles