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SAP Tools for Free

SAP Tools for Free

Newark DE USA – (May 6, 2013) – Auditbot Inc a leading provider of powerful and affordable SAP Tools, is offering companies with SAP Implementation the opportunity to get a free copy of its SAP Tools for User Locking / System Profile Compare.

AuditBot SAP Tools is a collection of essential SAP Continuous Controls Monitoring, discovery and troubleshooting tools that enable SAP Basis Admins to diagnose problems and manage SAP Systems.

AuditBot SAP Tools helps Companies to:

  • Lock Users who are inactive in the System as per company policy
  • Alert the users when they are reaching the threshold limit
  • Options to Remove or expired roles from the users at in a CUA or NON CUA SAP Systems
  • Maintain your SAP System from hacking by employees who left the company
  • Quickly Identify the System parameters which do not comply with the company policy
  • Identify all the custom programs and tables which are not SAP Audit Compliant

“We are pleased to announce that we are Companies with SAP Implementation SAP Tools for controlling the users, system parameters and custom programs,” said Vel  CEO and Product Architect


Some of the Common Problems of the Companies which have Implemented SAP are:

  • SAP System Admins spend time on manually monitoring the Controls and high chances of mistakes
  • 2013 IT budgets to decrease or remain at the current level
  • Companies agree the SAP Tools used to manage IT systems is more expensive
  • Majority of the companies concur that having enough budget is among the top three frustrations.

“AuditBots  SAP Tools are a staple of Companies. The SAP Tools provide an opportunity for SAP Auditor  to respond to the issues related to shrinking IT budgets.”

The robust product portfolio from Auditbot includes User License Audit, Log Management, Risk Analysis, and Master Data & Continuous Controls Monitoring.


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