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SAP License Saver Tool

SAP License Audit procedure

Real-time analysis and SAP Audit procedure for SAP license type classification helps companies both reduce the time and cost of SAP license audits, as well as the overall cost of licensing SAP.

By providing live snapshots, methods for classifications, and consolidating a user’s various usernames into a single entity,  the user license manager can show companies what they can save in the licensing cost. SAP License Manager can be automated.





SAP License Cost Summay

SAP License Cost Summay




License is the biggest expense in the SAP implementation and owner ship. There is way in SAP to assign license type to each users. Then there is a standard report which can used as a SAP License Audit Procedure for identifying the right user license count.  The problem is how can you justify that the assignment is the right assignment.  When they have multiple system and thousands of users the SAP Audit procedure for assigning the right user license type is going to be a tough  job.

SAP Audit Procedure for User and SAP License saver features

The SAP License Audit Procedure for user SAP license manager analyses all the users in the system and identifies the amount of time the users are spending in the system.  From this data the tool recommends the right type of license classification. The audit procedure also highlights the user who are not assigned to right license type.  The tool also models the reclassified user licenses as per the suggestion and highlights the savings.

SAP Audit Procedure for User License saver benefits:

  • Gives the company real time access actual license usage
  • The audit procedure identifies the the most optimal license type
  • Easy change of user license type classification

  According to Gartner Senior Analyst, Patricia Adams  “ Depending upon the level of maturity, enterprises that implement software usage capabilities will achieve savings of 5% to 25% in the first year”.

 SAP License Audit procedure for User License manager will give the company cost savings