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SAP Audit Checklist with Eliminating Duplicate Roles

One of the Problems is having duplicate roles in the SAP Users. The Roles may be expired but are not removed form the users. This could be confusing when you look at role to user reports. PFUD program will remove the profile from the user id but it will not remove the role from the users. Now sap has come up with the program to remove the roles which has expired. The Program name is PRGN_COMPRESS_TIMES.

Step 1: Type the program in SE38

Step 2: Run the Program with Following options


Step 3. Execute the Report you will see the role which will be removed


SAP Audit Checklist

SAP Audit Checklist


If you have CUA you need to refer to the note Note 1692243 – Report PRGN_COMPRESS_TIMES cannot be used in CUA Which will give you instruction and pre request for running the program in Child Systems. You need to be in the right patch level and have the setting  for role assignment setting in Child Systems